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Magnesium oxide as desulfurizer in steel plant and power plant

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Magnesium oxide as desulfurizer in steel plant and power plant

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For desulfurization and power plant desulfurization, it is necessary to choose more than 85% magnesia, why 85% magnesia is selected. Some power plant companies and steel plant companies have some doubts about this. Here is a brief introduction of the mystery. It is necessary to choose 46.5% magnesite ore to produce 85% magnesia. 46.5% magnesite ore belongs to the first grade magnesite. As long as high-quality magnesite ore can produce high-content magnesia, the desulfurization principle of power plant is basically the same as that of steel plant. The first is the composition of desulfurization. The higher the content of magnesia, the better the desulfurization effect. Power plant desulfurization and steel plant desulfurization must not be greedy for cheap magnesium oxide. Low-grade magnesium oxide quotation is cheap, but it will present two major doubts when used. Second, there will be more precipitates and more impurities in the future. The cost calculated in practice is more expensive than that of 85% magnesium oxide, and the desulfurization rate is not high. Therefore, when choosing magnesium oxide desulfurizer, steel mills and power plants must choose the most suitable products for their own price and use.

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