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Use of Light Magnesium Oxide

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Use of Light Magnesium Oxide

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Use of Light Magnesium Oxide

Light magnesium oxide is mainly used to produce rubber and chloroprene rubber adhesives in the role of magnesium oxide acid-making agent and accelerator in rubber manufacturing. It plays the role of chloroprene curing adhesives, anti-coke agents and chelating resins. Magnesium oxide ceramics and enamels reduce sintering temperature. In the manufacture of grinding wheels, traditional Chinese medicine as an antacid and laxative for the treatment of gastric acidity, gastric and duodenal ulcers, or sugar can be used as a delicate bleaching agent in food processing.

It is used as fertilizer in agriculture and livestock feed. It is the main element in plant metabolism and dairy cow. It is used as animal feed to prevent the dysfunction of central nervous system caused by magnesium deficiency. It can also be used in glass fiber reinforced plastics, chemical pharmaceutical industry, electronic industry, insulation materials and petroleum additives, foundry, phenolic plastics and other industries.

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