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Magnesium oxide manufacturers tell you the properties and uses of magnesium oxide

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Magnesium oxide manufacturers tell you the properties and uses of magnesium oxide

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Magnesium oxide manufacturers tell you the properties and uses of magnesium oxide

Ion equation:



Chemical equation:

MgCl2(melting)= Mg+Cl2(electrolysis)

MgO+C = Mg+CO(high temperature)

Sex 6.2 mg/L (20 degree C), reacts

White or light yellow powder, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, insoluble in water or ethanol, slightly soluble in ethylene glycol, melting point 2852 C, boiling point 3600 C, magnesium oxide has a high fire-resistant insulation performance. It can be transformed into crystals by high temperature burning above 1000 C, and sintered magnesia (magnesia) or sintered magnesia when it rises above 1500 C.

Chemical Properties: Magnesium oxide is an alkaline oxide, which has the general properties of alkaline oxide and belongs to cementitious materials.

Exposed to air, it is easy to absorb water and carbon dioxide and gradually become basic magnesium carbonate. Light products are faster than heavy products, and combine with water to form magnesium hydroxide, which is slightly alkaline. The pH of saturated water solution is 10.3. Soluble in acid and ammonium salt, insoluble in water, its solution is alkaline. It is insoluble in ethanol.

Slow interaction with water to form magnesium hydroxide

It has strong refractivity in the visible and near-ultraviolet light range.

Classification: Light magnesium oxide and heavy magnesium oxide. Light weight, loose volume, white amorphous powder. It is odorless, odorless and non-toxic. The density was 3.58 g/cm 3. It is insoluble in pure water and organic solvents, and its solubility in water increases with the presence of carbon dioxide. It can dissolve in acid and ammonium salt solution. It is transformed into crystals by high temperature burning. When exposed to carbon dioxide in the air, magnesium carbonate compound is formed. Heavy compact, white or beige powder. It is easy to combine with water and absorb water and carbon dioxide in exposed air. It is easy to gel and harden when mixed with magnesium chloride solution.

With the upgrade of industrialization and the demand and development of high-tech functional materials market, a series of high-tech and fine magnesium oxide products have been developed and produced, which are mainly used in nearly ten varieties, such as high-grade lubricants, high-grade tanning alkali extraction, food-grade, medicine, silicon steel grade, high-grade electromagnetic grade, high-purity magnesium oxide and so on.

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