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The Role of Magnesium Oxide in Sewage Treatment

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The Role of Magnesium Oxide in Sewage Treatment

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The role of magnesium oxide in wastewater treatment:

Sewage treatment plays a role in magnesium oxide. Magnesium oxide can react with sewage to produce magnesium hydroxide. Powdery magnesium oxide reacts with sewage to produce magnesium hydroxide first. Magnesium oxide reacts with sewage to produce magnesium hydroxide. At the same time, harmful impurities in sewage are treated. Magnesium hydroxide can be used as neutralizer. Magnesium hydroxide is alkaline and has good adsorption performance. It can be used as neutralizer for acid-containing waste gas, wastewater treatment, heavy metal and organic waste liquid treatment, etc. It has been widely used in water treatment system in recent years. In particular, the heavy metals in sewage are more harmful to the environment because of their high toxicity, not easy to be metabolized in the environment, easy to be bio-enriched and enlarged step by step along the biological chain. Magnesium hydroxide has a large surface area, strong adsorption capacity and a larger solubility product than other metals. Therefore, magnesium hydroxide can be used to treat heavy metal ions in addition to its adsorption effect, but also because of the fact that magnesium hydroxide can be used to treat heavy metal ions. Substitution produces sediments. According to the research, magnesium hydroxide can not only neutralize acid in wastewater, but also precipitate copper, iron, chromium (111), lead and zinc plasma in water. It can be further removed by the adsorption of magnesium hydroxide, and the purpose of complete removal can be achieved. Niand Cd plasma can also be partially removed. Magnesium hydroxide water treatment agent has been used in sewage treatment systems of several cities at home and abroad. Because of its stable product quality and good service, it has formed a good reputation in the industry. Our factory specializes in producing magnesium oxide for desulfurization and magnesium oxide for sewage treatment.

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