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What is the standard of magnesium oxide for desulfurization

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What is the standard of magnesium oxide for desulfurization

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Magnesium oxide is usually used as raw material for desulfurization. MgO is eventually formed into MgSO4 in the chemical reaction process. The molecule ratio of 1:1 MgO is 56, the molecule weight of SO2 is 64, and the molecule ratio is 56:64=7:8.

Eight portions of sulphur can be removed even with seven portions of pure raw material. However, the purity of raw materials is not well determined, the sulfur content in flue gas is complex, the concentration of cut flue gas is not well measured, etc. This standard is only for reference.

The principle of magnesium oxide for desulfurization in power plants is introduced.

The basic principle of flue gas desulfurization by magnesium oxide method in power plant is to absorb SO2 with MgO slurry to produce hydrated magnesium sulfite and its magnesium bisulfite. Magnesium sulfite is the main metabolite of desulfurizer in this process. It reacts with sulfur dioxide to produce magnesium bisulfite. Magnesium bisulfite reacts with newly added magnesium oxide to form hydrated magnesium sulfite, so it is in the middle of the whole reaction process. The product magnesium sulfite is produced by recycling. Magnesium sulfite is the main metabolite of the reaction. Magnesium sulfite and magnesium bisulfite are the main metabolites. Some oxidation products contain magnesium sulfate. The so-called crystallization is a metabolite precipitated in the desulfurization reaction process when the desulfurization circulating liquid reaches saturation or supersaturation. Any desulfurizer will produce desulfurization products. No crystallization process is not a complete operation of desulfurization technology. However, how to make the desulfurization products not crystallize or delay crystallization in the process of circulating liquid? First, desulfurization should follow the PH value not more than 6.8. Generally, the PH value is between 5.5 and 6.2. According to the sulfur content of raw coal, sometimes it will be reduced. That is, desulfurization of circulating liquid under acidic conditions, it is difficult to form polycrystallization of alkaline sulfate substances under acidic conditions, even in excessive conditions. There are crystalline substances in saturated state, and most of them will precipitate together with the removed dust, which will be salvaged with the dust in the sedimentation tank. Turbine super-strong turbulence technology is used. Not only is there no crystallization blockage in the reformed desulfurization tower, but it can almost avoid the phenomenon of crystallization blockage. There is no nozzle in the turbulence tower, and the circulating liquid flows directly from the straight pipe, such as the inner part of the tower. Therefore, the "nozzle problem" which is most easily blocked in the desulfurization process is solved thoroughly.

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