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Yingkou Hexiang Refractory Teaches You How to Sell Magnesium Oxide for Desulfurization

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Yingkou Hexiang Refractory Teaches You How to Sell Magnesium Oxide for Desulfurization

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Yingkou Hexiang Refractory teaches you how to sell magnesium oxide for desulfurization, for mould shell and for firecrackers.

1. Understanding the Development Trend of Magnesium Oxide Marketing

With the development of the times, the marketing of magnesium oxide shows the following trends in the future:

1.1 Development Trend of Informatization

With the progress of science and technology, all kinds of digital technology and network technology have been combined with the chemical product sales industry, which provides an unprecedented material prerequisite for the reform of marketing forms. The emergence and development of the network has forced many enterprises to carry out necessary renovation and adjustment. At the same time, the application of the network has also made magnesium oxide research and development, design, planning, production, circulation and after-sales service and many other links can be organically linked. With the emergence of the Internet, e-commerce has formed a new sales system. The development of digital technology and network technology is not only a symbol of informatization, but also a trend of marketing development.

1.2 Knowledge Trend

With the development of social economy, China's economy has entered the era of knowledge economy. In the era of knowledge economy, knowledge will become the most critical factor of production. With the development of the times, the marketing of magnesium oxide also reflects a trend of knowledge. Its main manifestation is that if enterprises want to develop continuously, steadily, healthily and harmoniously, they must make themselves an organization that can make people from all walks of life devote themselves wholeheartedly and have the ability to learn constantly. Only in such an organization, can salespeople constantly learn, innovate and make progress, so as to grasp the future.

1.3 Trends of Sexualization

With the continuous refinement of social division of labor, the market also reflects a trend of subdivision and personalization. Personalized marketing, in short, is to tailor clothes. It aims to meet the needs of individual consumers. Personalized marketing is no longer a "hero" in terms of quantity, but should pay attention to qualitative differences. Personalized marketing is a kind of marketing management centered on strengthening customers. Its goal is to change from reducing costs and improving efficiency to opening up business and improving customer loyalty.

2. Skills that Magnesium Oxide Salesmen Should Master

In addition to understanding the marketing trend of chemical products, salesmen must also master some necessary skills.

2.1 Need to do a good job in marketing positioning

A product, how to go on a best-selling road, this has to go through a very thorough examination and calculation. For example, when selling magnesium oxide, first of all, we should not have the mentality of "my product quality is good, the price is low, someone will buy it", but should be correct. Before selling, the specific use of acetic acid in the competitor should be clarified, such as whether it is used for industry or for food, and in what areas can industrial use be used. On this basis, it is necessary to investigate which major consumer groups are used in industry or food. At the same time, it is necessary to investigate the production and distribution of magnesium oxide. Only in this way can we help salespeople understand where the market is most likely to open. Then on this basis, the sales price of magnesium oxide in the target market is inspected and compared with all the magnesium oxide in one's hands, and a reasonable price is worked out. Only by doing these positioning well can we make the sales of magnesium oxide more smoothly. And all chemical products should be well positioned in the market, not blindly sold.

2.2 We need to have a deep understanding of the products we sell.

There are many ways to understand the products you sell. It includes the scope of application of the products themselves, as well as the advantages of the products. Chemical product salesmen can understand the advantages of their products and help them persuade customers to buy products in the process of negotiation with customers. In the process of negotiation, salesmen can't ask customers "what's the advantage of your product". They can only say "good quality, low price". They can't say more advantages, which is not conducive to sales.

2.3 Need to make a good quotation

Some salesmen like to quote high prices when they make quotations. The reason is that "they are too hard because of their quality". In fact, this is an act of ignorance. At the same time, when customers complain that the quotation is too high, they can not always prevaricate on the grounds of "one cent for one purchase, and good quality". In our country, price is the absolute principle in many cases, especially for big customers. They always consider price more than quality. For example, the sales target of magnesium oxide is basically some big customers of enterprises. They often not only pay attention to the quality of products, but also pay great attention to the price of products. If the quotation is not within their acceptable range, it may make business impossible.

2.4 Promotion

For chemical products, the promotion needs to be concise, easy to read and understand. The decision makers and executives of chemical product promotion planning don't care who's ideas and who's recommended products, they pay more attention to the facts. A complete promotion includes three parts: one is the analysis of the market situation of the product, the other is the content of the promotion planning text, and the third is the prediction of the feasibility and operability of the scheme. For example, in order to promote magnesium oxide well, we need to investigate and analyze the market scale of magnesium oxide, the sales volume and sales volume of competitive brands, and then formulate a detailed promotion plan, which needs to include the sales target of magnesium oxide. Only with a clear goal can we formulate a better plan. Then there is the formulation of marketing strategies, which media should these products use for publicity, such as

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