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Making Technology of Magnesium Oxide for Desulfurization

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Making Technology of Magnesium Oxide for Desulfurization

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Magnesium oxide for desulfurization

Artificial beneficiation: The first-class magnesite ore mined by our company can ensure that the magnesium content of its original ore reaches more than 47%. The magnesium content and activity of the processed magnesium oxide are higher than 88% and 65%, which reduces the content of heavy metals. It improves the desulfurization rate and reduces the environmental pollution.

Sintering stage: We use gas reflex kiln to sinter over-burned powder in semi-finished products. The contact temperature is too high in the sintering process, which reduces the activity of magnesium oxide and underburned powder. The contact temperature is too low in the sintering process, which makes the magnesium content in magnesium oxide less than 85%. Mass generation. The content and activity of finished magnesium oxide can be guaranteed to be stable. The desulfurization rate is over 96%.

Manual selection stage: Manual screening of over-burned and under-burned powders in semi-finished products can ensure the stability of the content and activity of magnesium oxide in finished products and facilitate the desulfurization process of desulfurization manufacturers.

Grinding and Bagging Stage: Our company uses the most advanced R5 Raymond machine in China to crush and pack semi-finished magnesium oxide, which ensures that the number of finished magnesium oxide is uniform and not blocked during desulfurization.

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