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Magnesium oxide desulfurization of magnesium oxide for desulfurization

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Magnesium oxide desulfurization of magnesium oxide for desulfurization

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Magnesium oxide for desulfurization produced by Hexiang refractory magnesia factory.

Low operating costs

The main factors determining the operation cost of desulfurization system are the consumption cost of desulfurizer and water, electricity and steam. The price of magnesium oxide is higher than that of calcium oxide, but the consumption of removing the same SO2 magnesium oxide is 40% of calcium carbonate. The liquid-gas ratio is a very important factor in power consumption, such as water, electricity and steam, which directly affects the desulfurization efficiency of the whole system and the operation cost of the system. For the limestone gypsum system, the liquid-gas ratio is generally above 15L/m3, while the magnesia is below 7L/m3, so the magnesia desulfurization process can save a lot of costs. At the same time, the sale of magnesium oxide by-products can offset a large part of the cost.

Reliable operation

The greatest advantage of magnesium desulfurization over calcium desulfurization is that the system will not cause fouling and blockage of equipment, and can ensure the safe and effective operation of the whole desulfurization system. At the same time, the PH value of magnesium desulfurization is controlled between 6.0 and 6.5. Under this condition, the corrosion problem of equipment has also been solved to a certain extent. Generally speaking, the safety performance of magnesium desulfurization in practical projects has a very strong guarantee.

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