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Magnesium oxide for desulfurization and principle of desulfurization method

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Magnesium oxide for desulfurization and principle of desulfurization method

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The principle edition of magnesium oxide and magnesium oxide desulfurization method for desulfurization. The boiler flue gas is fed into the pre-cooling section of the absorption tower by the induced draft fan, cooled to a suitable temperature and then entered into the absorption tower, reacting upward with the absorption slurry flowing downward, and desulfurization method is used to remove the sulfur in the flue gas. A mist eliminator is installed on the top of the absorption tower to remove small droplets carried in the clean flue gas. The net smoke is discharged into the chimney after it is reduced by a mist eliminator. Dust and dirt are attached to the demister, resulting in blockage of mist eliminator and increase of system pressure loss. It is necessary to wash water pumps with mist eliminator to provide industrial water for spray cleaning of mist eliminator.

The main reactions in the absorption process are as follows:


MgSO3+SO2+H2O_Mg(HSO 3)2

Mg(HSO 3)2+Mg(OH)2_2MgSO 3+2H_2

The absorbent liquid absorbed sulphur falls into the bottom of the absorber, and the bottom of the absorber is mainly oxidation and circulation process.

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