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Gap of Magnesium Oxide at Home and Abroad and Development Direction of Magnesium Oxide for Desulfurization

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Gap of Magnesium Oxide at Home and Abroad and Development Direction of Magnesium Oxide for Desulfurization

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1. The production scale of magnesia in our country is too small to meet the needs of foreign market. In the United States and Western Europe, ordinary caustic calcined magnesia plants are more than 10,000 tons, while most light magnesia plants in China are 300-500 kt/a.

2. Magnesium oxide produced in China is still in the stage of primary crude products, while foreign products tend to be diversified and refined, and the output of primary light magnesia products is very small. Magnesium oxide products for different uses have different requirements on physical and chemical indicators and different prices. If the domestic price of ordinary light magnesia is not more than 8000 yuan/t, the price of medical magnesia can reach 38000 yuan/t, which can be increased by about four times, and the cost can not be increased by one time; the price of silicon steel magnesia can be more than 20000 yuan/t, and the price of high purity magnesia can be more than 30000 yuan/t. Therefore, the production of fine functional products with high performance and high added value can greatly improve economic benefits, expand production scale, and eventually be in line with international standards, such as pharmaceutical magnesium oxide, silicon steel magnesium oxide, magnetic magnesium oxide, fused magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide whiskers and high-purity magnesium oxide.

In view of the increasing demand for fine magnesium oxide products with different specifications and uses in the domestic market, it is imperative to find a method for preparing primary magnesium oxide products with the lowest cost and the highest profit. But this is not the ultimate goal. Only by continuing to develop new uses of magnesium oxide and producing high purity magnesium oxide and fine magnesium oxide products with different uses can the development of magnesium oxide industry be realized. Only in this way can the magnesium oxide industry for desulfurization remain invincible.

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