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What are the specific types of amorphous refractories?

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What are the specific types of amorphous refractories?

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There are many kinds of shaped refractories, which can be divided into acidic castables, semi-acidic castables, neutral castables and alkaline castables according to their chemical properties. Due to the different working conditions of each part of the ingot equipment, the use and requirements of refractories are not the same. Aluminum silicate refractories are widely used in pouring system. These refractories are neutral, including clay bricks and high alumina bricks.

Acid-resistant and heat-resistant castables are suitable for thermal insulation layer of thermal insulation structure of steam boilers, tubular heating furnaces in petroleum industry, light diesel oil, ethane cracking furnaces, petroleum catalytic cracking units, industrial furnace thermal insulation lining, pipeline system thermal insulation lining, cooling system thermal insulation lining, dust collector thermal insulation lining, etc.

Amorphous refractories can be used in various furnaces and kilns. This material is easy to construct, greatly improves the efficiency of building furnace (5-15 times higher than that of manual bricklaying), and can meet the requirements of various complex furnace structures. Due to the use of amorphous refractories, the thermal performance of the furnace has also been improved. For example, ceramic fiber lining is used for heat treatment protection, which greatly reduces heat loss; refractory concrete prefabricated block is used for top of furnace, which makes construction much easier; refractory plastic wrapping is used for bottom water pipe of continuous heating furnace, so that heat loss and water consumption are greatly reduced. Because it does not need firing and saves a lot of energy, the energy consumption is only 1/15-1/20 of the firing products.

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