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Development Trend of Refractories Industry

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Development Trend of Refractories Industry

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Refractories are basic materials serving high temperature technology, especially closely related to the development of iron and steel industry. Under certain conditions, the improvement and development of refractory quality plays a key role in the development of high temperature industry such as iron and steel smelting. The important position of refractories in high temperature technology has been gradually recognized and paid more and more attention by the relevant departments of the state.

In recent years, with the continuous operation of large-scale equipment in iron and steel industry and the intensification of automated smelting process, as well as the localization of refractories for building materials, light industry and electronic industry kilns. Promoting the rapid development of refractories towards high quality and variety, many high quality refractories and new varieties have emerged. For example, magnesia-carbon bricks for converter, magnesia-carbon bricks for continuous casting ladle, magnesia-carbon bricks for air supply by static pressing, and "AL2O3-SIO 2-C bricks for iron mixing vehicle". Low cement spray gun castable, aluminium-carbon assembled spray gun, magnesia-chromium insertion tube for out-of-furnace refining, aluminium-carbon long nozzle aluminium-carbon-zirconium composite immersion nozzle for continuous casting, magnesium insulation plate for composite plug tundish lining and a large number of excellent products which have reached the domestic leading level or the international level in the 1980s.

However, China's refractory industry still lags far behind the development needs of high temperature technology such as steel smelting. If compared with the advanced countries in the world horizontally, the gap is more obvious. How to change the backward situation of China's refractory industry is a major concern of every refractory and worker.

In the near future, especially in the period of the eighth five-year plan, there are three main development trends of refractories in our country, namely, the development and utilization of high-quality raw materials, synthetic raw materials, the development of advanced equipment for refractory industry, and the research on the matching and application technology of refractories for metallurgical, building materials and cushion industrial kilns.

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