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What is the primary use of clay bricks?

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What is the primary use of clay bricks?

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Clay bricks play an all-round role in the construction industry. What is the primary use of clay bricks? Clay bricks are mainly used in metallurgical industry. They are used to produce shaped refractory materials (bricks of various specifications) and shaped refractory materials, accounting for about 70% of all refractory materials. The hard clay in refractory clay is used to manufacture refractory materials of blast furnace, lining bricks and stopper bricks for ironmaking furnace, hot blast stove and ladle. High alumina clay is used to make aluminium bricks for electric furnaces, blast furnaces, high alumina lining bricks and high alumina refractory mud. Hard clay and high alumina clay are often used in calcining mature materials at high temperature (1400-1800 C).

Fire-resistant clay also has important applications in grinding industry, chemical industry and ceramics industry. High alumina clay is used to produce abrasive materials by melting in electric arc furnace. Among them, fused corundum abrasive is the most widely used abrasive, accounting for 2/3 of all abrasive products. High alumina clay can be used to produce various aluminium compounds, such as aluminium sulfate, aluminium hydroxide, aluminium chloride, potassium aluminium sulfate and other industrial and commercial products. In the ceramic industry, hard clay and semi-hard clay can be used as raw materials for making daily ceramics, building ceramics and industrial ceramics.

Fire-resistant clay bricks are used in building materials industry to manufacture high-alumina bricks for cement kilns and glass furnaces, phosphate high-alumina refractory bricks and high-alumina Melt-cast bricks. High alumina clay is calcined and then mixed with limestone to produce aluminium-containing cement, which has the characteristics of rapid setting, corrosion resistance and heat resistance. Jiahe clay brick in Shandong is strong and economical. Welcome to visit.

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