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What is reburned magnesia?

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What is reburned magnesia?

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What is reburned magnesia?

Recognition of reburned magnesia only needs to know its production process. The production equipment used for reburning magnesia is a iron shaft kiln, which uses 46% magnesite to be calcined at 1600 - 1800 C. In this case, it can be judged that re-burned magnesia is the main type of re-burned magnesia, the basic content of which is 80%, 85% and 90%. The main color of re-burned magnesia is reddish brown. The products of re-burned magnesia are widely used in magnesia bricks, magnesia-alumina bricks, magnesia-chrome bricks, spraying materials, castables, dry-type materials, smearing materials, furnace feeding materials, asphalt, casting, fire protection and insulation materials, solders. Auxiliaries, electrical steelmaking furnaces, heating furnaces, rotary furnaces, steelmaking, bottom of electric furnaces and ramming linings.

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