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Types of refractory castables

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Types of refractory castables

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It is mainly classified by porosity, binder and aggregate varieties. In practical use, it is often classified by using temperature or functional characteristics.

According to porosity, there are two kinds of dense refractory castables and insulating refractory castables with porosity not less than 45%.

According to the binder, there are hydraulically bonded, chemically bonded and agglomerated bonded refractory castables. Hydraulic bonded castables are hardened by hydration at room temperature. The main types of castables are Portland cement, ordinary calcium aluminate cement, pure calcium aluminate cement and fused pure calcium aluminate cement castables. Chemical bonded castables are usually hardened by adding hardening agents to form chemical reactions at room temperature. The main varieties are sodium silicate, aluminium sulfate, phosphate castables, etc. Coagulation bonded castables are hardened by sintering during calcination. The main varieties are clay castables and so on. According to refractory aggregate, there are clay aggregate (Al2O3 30%-45%) and high alumina aggregate.

(Al2O3% 26ge; 45%), SILICEOUS AGGREGATE (SiO 2% 26ge; 85%, Al2O3% 26lt; 10%), alkaline aggregate (magnesia, dolomite, etc.), special aggregate (carbon, carbide, spinel, zircon, nitride, etc.) and thermal insulation aggregate (perlite, vermiculite, ceramics, bleaching pearl, light brick sand, porous clinker, alumina hollow ball, etc.).

In actual use, according to engineering requirements, it is allowed to use some kinds of mixed aggregate carbon fiber pouring integrated sucker rod centralizer, which belongs to oil field production accessories, including carbon fiber centralizer, oil rod, carbon fiber centralizer and sucker rod pouring into one at a time. The utility model directly pours the carbon fiber centralizer on the sucker rod at one time, eliminating the original method of using media components to perform the function, and eliminating the time for workers to repeatedly install the traditional centralizer when they go down the well on the spot. The utility model has high firmness, reduces the cumbersome parts, is convenient to manufacture and install, and has the advantages of light weight, low cost and wear resistance, which is 1.8 of the traditional centralizer. It improves the workover cycle and saves the overhaul cost.

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