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Cautions when using talc powder!

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Cautions when using talc powder!

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For us ordinary people, the understanding of talc powder is relatively narrow, in fact, talc powder is widely used, many industries are indispensable to the use of talc powder, so what are the precautions in the use of talc powder? Today we will analyze it.

In the process of using talc powder, surface activation treatment is needed. The main purpose of surface activation treatment is to improve the solubility between talc powder and plastic raw materials and increase the effect of modification. Different surface treatment agents should be selected for different plastics. The dispersion of talc powder in plastic raw materials has a great influence on the final physical and chemical properties of the modified materials under the same formulation. It should be strictly controlled in the production process. The main factors affecting the dispersion of talc powder in plastic raw materials are formulation, temperature, output and process.

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